The Ribbon Device
Saturation Day
Nincompoop records 2006
The Ribbon Device's long awaited debut album "Saturation Day" is finally here! We spent most of 2005 recording this self produced 14 track master piece, at our dual studio. We wanted complete control and it just made the most sense to do it ourselves. The album is being described as "strange pop" a cross between Beck, David Bowie and the Pixies. Timelessly eclectic and left of the bent hand side. "Saturation Day" is available by PayPal through our website.

1. 80's Trash
2. These Things
3. Happiness
4. Thousand Years Wide
5. Chemical Scratch
6. Cruise Control
7. Determination
  8. Extra Extra
9. The Felines
10. Its The Season
11. Something Inside
12. Paper Cranes
13. Emulsion
14. Young & Beautiful

The Ribbon Device
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